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最近更新於 2019-11-14, 週四

 鑑於教育局在今天已經作出宣佈,所有中小幼學校於星期五至星期日停課(111416 日)。基於安全考慮,本堂在周六有關小學及中學之聚會將會暫停一次。

In consideration of the Education Bureau (EDB) has today made the decision that all schools are to suspend classes from Friday to Sunday (Friday 14th to Sunday 16th November) on the grounds of safety, our Primary and Secondary Gatherings on Saturday will be suspended.

 專屬永恩堂Instagram (IG) 已面世!一切所有教會大小動向的相片及小短片將不停更新。

請即馬上登入Instagram,然後搜索並追蹤本堂IG帳號 :

AGLC Instagram has already established! Photos and videos will be updated frequently! 

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