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崇拜報告事項 Prayers and Announcements of the Church

最近更新於 2020-11-12, 週四

8/11/2020-  Announcements of the Church教會報告事項


1. 下主日聖餐崇拜,請各位弟兄姊妹預備心靈,返回聖殿領受主的赦免,使信心得以堅固。崇拜事奉人員如下:

Next Sunday Divine Service, we invite brothers and sisters draw near to God with a true heart, receive His forgiveness and be strengthened in the faith. Next Sunday Worship Coworkers' Schedule:

主禮Presiding Minister: 關應亮牧師 Rev. Simon KWAN

講道Preacher: 關應亮牧師 Rev. Simon KWAN

傳譯Translator: 陳佩君姊妹 April CHAN

領會 Ministering Assistant: 陳瑋茵教士 Libby CHAN

司琴 Pianist: 關楊瑞芯師母 Mrs. Summer KWAN

讀經 Scripture Reader: 陳瑋茵教士 Libby CHAN

司獻 Offering Collector: 黃璟黈弟兄 Kieran WONG

司事 Greeter: 黃璟黈弟兄 Kieran WONG

投影片及音響A/V Tech: 莫昭恒弟兄 David MOK



2. 港島東福音事工聯網之聖雅各幼稚園家長英文班逢星期四,上午930分於路德會永生堂舉行。歡迎各位邀請朋友參加,費用全免。

St. James Lutheran Kindergarten Parents’ English Course of Evangelistic Ministry Cluster will be held on every Thursday, 9:30 a.m. at Eternal Life Lutheran Church. Free admission, all are welcome.



3. 鑒於本地疫情緩和,教會所有小組恢復實體聚會。

As the epidemic situation of the COVID-19 has shown signs of easing recently, all small groups are allowed to resume face-to- face fellowship.



4. 半年新約讀經計劃,本週已進入閱讀啟示錄,鼓勵大家每天勤讀聖經,在真道上扎根。

We will read Revelation in this week of our Half-year Bible Reading scheme. Encourage all brothers and sisters rooted and built up in God, strengthened in the faith.



5. 主日英語精讀班將於崇拜前早上930分教會內舉行,歡迎各年青人參與。崇拜後,不同興趣小組亦隨即舉行。

Sunday English Intensive Class for every Sunday 9:30 a.m., and interests groups will be started after the Sunday Service.