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崇拜代禱及報告事項 Prayers and Announcements of the Church

最近更新於 2019-09-05, 週四

1/9/2019-  Announcements of the Church教會報告事項


1. 上主日崇拜奉獻如下:

The Offering Record of last Sunday Service:

常獻 Regular Offering: $220.00

月獻 Monthly Offering: $7,112.00

感恩獻 Thanksgiving Offering : $9,000.00

特別獻 Special Offering:$1,050.00



2. 下主日聖餐崇拜,請各位弟兄姊妹預備心靈,返回聖殿領受主的赦免,使信心得以堅固。崇拜事奉人員如下:

Next Sunday Divine Service, we invite brothers and sisters draw near to God with a true heart, receive His forgiveness and be strengthened in the faith. Next Sunday Worship Coworkers' Schedule:

主禮Presiding Minister: 關應亮牧師 Rev. Simon KWAN

講道Preacher: 林偉雄傳道 Lawrence LAM

傳譯Translator: 莫昭恒弟兄 David MOK

領會 Ministering Assistant: 關楊瑞芯師母Mrs. Summer KWAN

和唱 Hymns Leaders: 胡李少玲姊妹Mrs. Rita WOO, 曾敏婷姊妹Mandy TSANG

司琴 Pianist: 陳瑋茵教士 Libby CHAN

讀經 Scripture Reader: 莫昭恒弟兄 David MOK

司獻 Offering Collector: 關銘恩姊妹 Dora KWAN

司事 Greeter: 關銘恩姊妹 Dora KWAN

投影片及音響A/V Tech: 林耀祺弟兄 Jerry LAM



3. 下主日崇拜後將舉行祈禱會,鼓勵大家同心禱告。

The prayer meeting will be held after next Sunday Service. We invite you to pray.




We are delighted that Deacon David MOK was admitted as a Master of Theological Studies Student by the Concordia Theological Seminary.



5. 十五周年堂慶福音日營

日期:2019101 (星期二 - 公假)時間:早上 9 時正晚上 9 時正


15th Anniversary Gospel Day Camp

Date 01 /10 /2019  (Tue- Public Holiday

Time 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

VenueAbiding Grace Lutheran Church


內容 Highlights

1.    團隊遊戲 Team Building Games

2.    詩歌  Hymns

3.    培靈奮興佈道會 Evangelical and Revival Conference

4.    小組生命交流 Small Group Sharing

5.    煙花匯演Fireworks Display


費用 Fee$100 (包括午餐及晚餐 )

Including Lunch and Dinner Expenses


對象Target Participants

全體教友 All Church Members

初小團契大哥哥大姐姐Big Brothers and Sisters in the Junior Fellowship

以及親友Relatives and Friends


報名及查詢Registration and Enquiries :

陳楚欣執事 Ms. Vicky CHAN



6. 教會及禮堂將於915(主日)延長開放時間至下午五時正,各弟兄姊妹及參加者可進行各式各樣活動。如有任何查詢,可向陳楚欣執事聯絡。

15 September Next Sunday (26th February) the opening hour of the Church and the Hall will be extended to 5pm. We invite all brothers and sisters to join the various activities after the worship. Please contact Vicky Chan for more information.



7. 過去兩年一直都參與永恩堂長者中心崇拜的鄧霞婆婆安息禮拜已於830(星期五)上午900假世界殯儀館永寧堂舉行,隨後於歌連臣角火葬場進行安葬禮。

On 22 August 2019 our beloved sister TANG Ha  who attended our Elderly Service at the Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Wong Lutheran Home for the Elderly peacefully at the Tung Wah East Hospital The funeral service at the Universal Funeral Parlour and the cremation at the Cape Collinson Crematorium toke place on Friday 30 at 9:00a.m.