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崇拜代禱及報告事項 Prayers and Announcements of the Church

最近更新於 2020-01-16, 週四

12/01/2019-  Announcements of the Church教會報告事項


1. 上主日崇拜奉獻如下:

The Offering Record of last Sunday Service:

常獻 Regular Offering: $350.00

月獻 Monthly Offering: $3,530.00

感恩獻 Thanksgiving Offering : $.00

特別獻 Special Offering:$0.00



2. 下主日聖餐崇拜,請各位弟兄姊妹預備心靈,返回聖殿領受主的赦免,使信心得以堅固。崇拜事奉人員如下:

Next Sunday Divine Service, we invite brothers and sisters draw near to God with a true heart, receive His forgiveness and be strengthened in the faith. Next Sunday Worship Coworkers' Schedule:

主禮Presiding Minister: 關應亮牧師 Rev. Simon KWAN

講道Preacher: 關應亮牧師 Rev. Simon KWAN

傳譯Translator: 陳佩君姊妹 April CHAN

領會 Ministering Assistant:關楊瑞芯師母 Mrs.Summer KWAN

和唱Hymns Leaders:黎靖琳姊妹 Lammy LAM, 關銘恩姊妹 Dora KWAN

司琴 Pianist: 陳瑋茵教士 Libby CHAN

讀經 Scripture Reader: 梁李靜儀姊妹 Mrs. Lisa LEUNG

司獻 Offering Collector:梁李靜儀姊妹 Mrs. Lisa LEUNG

司事 Greeter:梁李靜儀姊妹 Mrs. Lisa LEUNG

投影片及音響A/V Tech:胡文朗弟兄 Edmond WOO



3. 崇拜後將有聖樂訓練,請所有參與聖樂事奉人員出席。

Church music training will be held after the Sunday Service, all worship coworkers are invited to attend.  



4. 15/1 () 3:00 pm 將在黃鎮林長者中心舉行永恩堂長者崇拜,鼓勵弟兄姊妹出席,並參與崇拜後床邊關懷、探訪、祈禱愛鄰舍行動。

Elderly Worship of Abiding Grace Lutheran Church at Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Wong Lutheran Home for the Elderly will be held at 3:00pm on 15 January (Wednesday). We invite all brothers and sisters to visit, care and pray for our neighbours after the worship.



5. 2019-2020年度第八屆第五次執事會會議將於118(星期六),上午十時正於協同英語中心(灣仔)舉行,請各執事留意。

The fifth time of the 8th Deacon Board Meeting will be held on 18/1 (Saturday), at the Concordia English Centre (Wan Chai) 10 a.m. All deacons please be present.



6. 為迎接新年,歡迎各弟兄姊妹於接待處索取總會印製之賀年揮春。另於119() 崇拜後舉行教會大掃除及佈置,請各弟兄姊妹預留時間。

For celebrating the Chinese New Year, free Fai Chun published by The HK Synod is provided for all brothers and sisters, please feel free to take some from information corner. Church cleaning and decorating will start after next Sunday Service (19 January).



7. 本會基督教教育委員會設立「徐治群女士獎學金」,旨在嘉勉熱心服務教會,且學業成績優異或進步顯著之本會青少年。凡恒常參與永恩堂聚會一年以上,積極參與事奉,在學習聖經及屬靈智識時態度和表現良好之小學至大專學生,可向執事會申請推薦,有志者可向相關執事查詢:






The Madam Tsui Chi Ping Memorial Scholarships aim at financing outstanding or significantly progressive students in our Lutheran synod. For those who interested, please contact our deacons for more information.

Closing date will be on 15 January, 2020 . Further enquires and application may contact the deacons concerned.

Tertiary Students: Vicky CHAN

Secondary Students: Libby CHAN

Primary Students: Mrs. Summer KWAN



8. 如若教友個人資料已更新或修改,煩請通知陳瑋茵教士,以便收取本堂聚會及活動的最新資訊。如有任何查詢,亦請與陳教士聯絡。

Please renew your Profile to Libby CHAN if there is needed, thus latest church information can spread thoroughly.